About Amity Administrators

Amity Administrators specialises in the preparation and administration of Wills, Trusts and Estates as well as the preparation and registration of companies. We guide and assist you in drawing up your Will in accordance with your individual wishes. 

Doing Homework


Estate Administration

We provide personalised services that includes, but is not limited to;

  • Reporting the Estate to the Master of the High Court 

  • Follow up on the receipt of the Letters of Executorship

  • Preparation and distribution of Correspondence with all relevant stake holders, including SARS, debtors, creditors and heirs

  • Placement of legal advertisements

  • Drafting of accounts and distribution of assets

  • Transfer of fixed property

  • Completion of Income Tax for the last tax year

Power of Attorney Estates

In the following instances we provide estate administration services under power of attorney:


Where an Executor wish to appoint, or must appoint an Agent to assist with the Administration process and to take full responsibility for the associated duties

Where the deceased did not have a Will and an executor needs to be appointed to finalise the administration process


In  addition to the administration services of Deceased Estates we offer the following additional services:


  • Estate Planning

  • Drafting of Wills

  • Registration of Companies

  • Registration of Trusts

  • SARS Compliance services

  • Safe-keeping of Wills and Trust Documents


Who we assist

Anyone who needs help with a Will, Trust, or Company and anyone who is nominated as the Executor of an Estate but lacks the experience in the process of reporting and managing a Deceased Estate.

How we work

We work directly with you ensuring that we perform with integrity and discretion at all times.

What's in It for You

Indivudual attention to your needs and negotiated fees structured to provide a cost effective solution.